BBQ Event Catering

BBQ Event Catering

BBQ’s are great fun, especially when  it’s not you cooking! Outdoor events are becoming ever more popular with tasty BBQ's for functions being the centerpiece of any social gathering. A Barbie is the easy relaxed way to compliment any event, from a summer BBQ wedding buffet to a corporate event and more…..

  • House warming
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Fundraiser or open day
  • Corporate functions
  • Garden party
  • Wedding BBQ Buffets
  • Christenings
  • Barn dance
  • Fully waited BBQ wedding breakfast

Option 1 - We supply you with one of our delicious BBQ packages and you simply cook it yourself. (20 % discount from price displayed below) 

Option 2 - We supply you with a commercial BBQ, cooking tools, plates, glasses and serving equipment. (10 % discount from price displayed below) 

Option 3 – You get a complete service, we will arrive set up the equipment, cook and serve your delicious food and then we even clear up

BRONZE - £11.95

3 from section A
2 from section B
1 from section C
SILVER - £14.95

3 from section A
1 from section B
3 from section C
2 from section D
GOLD - £17.95

3 from section A
2 from section B
4 from section C
3 from section D
PLATINUM - £20.95

4 from section A
3 from section B
5 from section C
4 from section D

Section A

Fresh mixed salad with candy cherry tomatoes, roasted red pepper

Rocket salad with parmesan shavings

Caeser salad

Lemon Couscous

Spicy couscous with coriander

Marinated mixed vegetable kebabs wit halloumi cheese

Corn on the cob

Homemade chunky coleslaw

Potato salad

Greek salad

Mixed greens wilted on the BBQ in foil

Section B

Fresh Shellfish - smoked on the BBQ under a pirex heat treated bowl
Crevette prawns, Mussels & Langoustines - All served in a special homemade light and kicky dressing.

Fresh Sea bassscored, rubbed in fresh herbs and cooked in foil.

Fresh Sea bream – scored, rubbed in fresh herbs and cooked in foil.

Whole side of salmon – scored, and rubbed with lemon juice, fennel top, served with a homemade cucumber tzatziki sauce and crispy crackling skin

Whole salmon - stuffed with lemon dill and rubbed in mixed herbs and garlic and cooked in foil.


Section C

Includes fresh buns and rolls

Steak burger – homemade 6 oz

Chicken breast - marinated in reggae reggae sauce

Butchers choice sausages

South African Boerewors sausage

Premium Lamb burgers

Section D

Marinated Pork ribs

Whole Chickenspatchcocked and crudely scored to allow the marinade to do its job and get crispy

Leg of lamb – scored about 1cm deep to allow it to cook perfectly, crisp up and Constantine which allows the flavour in whilst keeping the meat sweet and silky. 

BBQ chicken drumsticks

peri peri chicken breasts

Cajun chicken breasts



Add traditional steaks, cooked to your liking (served with a selection of homemade sauces)
(8oz) Rib-Eye £9.10, (10oz) T-bone £9.75, (5oz) sirloin steak £5.45 or (8oz) sirloin £8.85

All prices are Per Head and include VAT - Please contact us for more information as we can tailor a package to suit your event.